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his new girlfriend wants to talk...what should i do

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Well first welcome too eNotalone.


Ok let me get this Straight; your Ex Boyfriends...- Girlfriend wants to talk with you, because she thinks he is cheating on her...correct?


Truthfully I SEE that there is nothing wrong with that, unless of course your Ex and you are still friends, and you still talk to one another. Reason why i say that is, he could get offended by the fact that you sort of went "behind his back", and talked with her..because she suspects something, he could find out and that may cause some complications Which might lead to a bad (fellowship/Friendship) with your Ex...see what I'm saying.


If you don't want to, than don't do it, she can't control you. and tell you what too do...if she asks again, simply say


"i don't want to interfere in the relationship with you and *his name*"


She should accept that for what it is and drop the contacts, if that is what you want.

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It doesn't sound like she is up to anything, but I don't have the whole story. If you really want to help, then go ahead. Just make sure you don't have feelings for your ex, or they might interfere with you actually being any help.


I agree that you should meet her for coffee, and feel out the situation. If you don't feel right after that, stop talking to her.

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