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6 Exams in a 3 weeks span

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Today is one of those days where I wish I'd have a girlfriend. I wish someone can alleviate some of the responsibility I have. Life is attacking me from different directions. I wish someone can just say, "hey, you're free from all obligations you currently carry."


At the same time, I would remind myself... This is not the worse possible situation a human can be in. But currently, I just feel this great burden for my upcoming exams. I haven't slept to study, I couldn't do any better, I'll probably fail some of my upcoming examinations. My workload is the equivalent to 7 courses / semester. In addition, my roommate just told me he's leaving the house. I have to find another roommate or another house to live in. I don't have a girlfriend to lie back on for support.


My environment, currently, is uncontrollable.

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Exactly what Karma said. You don't need a girlfriend for support, you should already have a support system of friends, family, roomates, and *drum role please* your own two feet.


Make a scheduale for you exams. Actually block out time to study for exam A, B, C, D, E, F, when to eat breakfast, lunch dinner, and when to sleep. That will make you feel more in control if you don't eat/sleep, you'll only do worse on your exams!


A new relationship right now will probably only stress you out more and eat into studying time.


I'm sorry that you're stressesd right now, but you need to let go of the notion that a girlfriend will help that. It's not like every girlfriend would come over, cook for you, and what, study for you? Please.


Good luck on your exams.

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Well, it's done. And I did fail a course. It's a messed up month to say the least. I guess experiences like these stretches mental capacity. I lowered my overall GPA by 4%, I guess it was worth the experience. I also get to see who i am when performing in a prolonged stressed state - an overall objective person who needs at least a week of worry-free rejuvenation after 3-4 stressed out weeks. Otherwise i'd break down like i did during the Final Exam week. I certainly prefer not to fail since I spent almost $1000 on it, but what can you do in such an unexpected month with seemingly endless external-to-school obligations to catch up on.

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