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Why was it hard to get this guy up!?


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So my last boyfriend could get hard just by looking at me.

A guy I use to date would get hard just from making out.


I go on a date tonight and pull out just about alll the stops and this * * * * * isn't getting completely hard.


He ended up doing it himself while we were making out but it did take him a few minutes.


And yes he likes me because he asked me out again (4th date)

Are some guys just harder than others to get up? Like really hard..

Is it because he cleaned his pipes before the date?


We were in a car.. I know * * * * ty right. We were basically clothed (I was wearing a dress) could the clothedness have been a factor?


Ugh SOS because I really like this one!

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I was almost going to ask him if he had an erectile dysfunction hahaha ughh but yeah that would of been bad. I figure if it's something biological he'd tell me.


In an attempt to avoid that conversation I'm running to these forums and if it happens again of course I'll ask >

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Hmm, if he 'cleaned the pipes' before the date then it could be a possibility... but if I remember 16 then it most likely isn't the reason at all.


I'd say just see if it becomes a reoccurring issue. If so then try changing the environment, clothes, or whatever else you see as a possible issue.


Whatever the case, just make sure you guys are careful.

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I'm not complaining. I'm 20 not 16 btw. I guess the 16 post thing confused you. I didn't say anything to him about it because I know there's lots of factors . Also no need to get on the defense. I'm not trying to rag on him about it, I was just frustrated with the situation. As the other girl who posted stated girls take a personal blow to this even though we shouldn't.


Apparently he's also an insomniac and that's tied into the issue.

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well, not much excitement with the clothes on. sure, feeling is there, but visual can do a lot. i know i'm not 100% rock hard all the time when doing it. but there are so many factors. tired, stressed, etc. but i bet it was because your clothes were on.

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