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travel after school/travel careers?


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ive been bitten by the travel bug and have just come back from 3 weeks in canada to visit my best friend. i had the time of my life!

at the moment im 12 weeks away from finishing year 12 and teachers keep telling me i have to decide what i want to do for the next few years right about now.

i have no clue what i want to do in terms of university or a career. i simply want to travel and somehow get paid for it. i definatley want to take a GAP year next year though, i am a pretty decent student and feel i need a break for a year.

how can i travel and get paid for it so i can survive???

anyone got ideas? i would love to go back to canada so i can be with my best friend again, hopefully near calgary cos thats where he is doing college.

i would like to know what everyone else has done like this?

also anyone who has a career that lets them travel and explore places, let me know! cos i am so envious and i could so see myself doing that forever. lol.


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What about traveling and then work in a coffee shop/restaurant to pay off your bills? You can go to tourist places in Asia where they want people who could speak English fluently. They would hire you. I've heard of people doing that and they're having a great time. Of course, don't expect to live in anything but below average accommodation if you're on a low budget.

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