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How to realize her the she is in love despite denying it

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I am in a relationship from last one year and so.i commit her on my proposal and she do for the life.we are in a long distance r'ship ans we have met 5 times in a year.i love her more than my life whatever situation is.she always told me that i dont feel so.she has made a lovely birthday gift for me in 2 days and she do these type of thing may times.she always know when i m sad and when i m happy.she always care for me whatsoever situation is .but she cant get over her past friend.she told me tht she has feelings for him because she loves talking to him.and that guy can never commit.she knows that thing.but she want him as her lover.she tried a lot to forget him but always came closer to tht guy.even she changed her no. to make him forget.i told her that once u come closer to me and we have send time altogether,then things wll worlk out.but she dosesnt feel so .she said if such things tend to happen it happened on the first day of our relationship.i know she love me but she is denying so,and guy assured me tht such things is not there.and now she want a break up and want to have me as a good friend.may be she will love me after the friendship?this is is her thought.i dont want to lose her and i want to make things clear.after saying thins she doesnt love me anymore ,she is with me from 14 days.and never resent living with me.


what can i do.give her the time to sort out her feelings for tht guy or leave her alone?

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