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The final straw on my anniversary


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Hi everyone hope all are well,


Here goes this story....as most of you know I broke up with my bf back in March after 4 years of h*ll, anyway he comes over and says he is feeling ill and needs to rest and tells me how he has missed me and still loves me and we will always be together no matter if we say we broke up or not....because somehow we will always be a part of each others life....blah blah blah.


I was feeling sorry for him and allowed him to take some rest in my room while I am at work and a part of me kind of missed him, but still on my guard knowing that I can never be with him again so I was very cool. Funny thing was after all this time of being apart and seeing him on a friendly basis off and on over the past few months I realized "wow" I didn't really feel love for him anymore and honestly felt by him posting up in my room I felt uneasy and wished he would leave.


Well a few days pass with him coming over and being nice to me, bringing me things yadda yadda...NO SEX, I didn't even want to get that close and honestly another strange thing was he was telling me stuff like we were going to get married and he had saved some of his SSI money to take me to Disneyland, and he is lonely without me and just all this BS....I didn't even feel attracted to him...he looked so pathetic and tore back it made me sad to see him like this.


Well the fight started after I got upset because he didn't clean the toilet seat when I rushed into the bathroom he pood on the seat and I sat in it...I flipped out!!!! I said to him, "are you crazy or plain stupid", here he has HIV and he didn't even care that this can expose me...I nearly wanted to rip off his head...he started getting pissed of and acting like it was no big deal. It got really ugly then...I told him he is boring and he said he was going to leave I said to him I will help you out the door.


He told me he didn't love me and they he only told me that because he had to tell me something, he was being sarcastic when he said that, then he started crying saying how he was sick and going to die and blah blah...he told my roommate he wanted me to give back all the jewlery he gave me because he wanted to make up for all the problems and I acted like a brat. He said if I didn't love you then why do I give you all these gifts, I don't even give anything to my own mother, you get everything.


Then he told my roommate he going to vandalize my car and take apart my other vehicle another gift he gave me and took back. The landlord and my roommate were drinking in the kitchen while this fight was going on....my roommate tries to stay neutral and don't get in the middle of it, but my ex is full of drama and wants everyone to feel sorry for him and take his side.


So my ex goes out of the house and I open up the window and throw the jewlery out the window at him as he is running in the street picking it up...then I took all the crap he gave me and tore it up and tossed it in a box. Before he left he was threating to have his cop brother come here and arrest me...hahaha...for what not giving back the gifts he gave me. I never never never in my whole life ever seen such a loser.


I don't even want to be his friend NEVER!!!!


Here I am doing well without him and even been talking to other guys and he shows up again...good thing is I am for sure never going to be with him again. When he is mad at me he tries to get people to be mad at me also, he is manipulative, verbally abusive, destructive, indian giver, and sneaky...so he wanted his jewlery so I gave it to him out the 3rd story window into the street.............Happy f****ing anniversary don't come back.


Then today he calls up and asks my roommate to buy him some groceries..........moocher.................god he is low...........his mother is a millionaire and she don't give him a dime nor does she come to visit him to see how he is and she don't want to let him stay with her, except for a day or two here and there and never leaves him alone in her home.


I told my roommate today that all I want is for him to stay away from me, stop giving me things, and leave my personal belongings alone....I mean how darn hard is that??? and donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt come around when I am home....and to just stay out of my lifeeeeeeeeeeee! What a wuss!!!!

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Wow..aren't you glad you are no longer with this creep!



Yes, I am so glad...you got that right.


I have to see my doctor in two weeks, and will tell him about this incident with the poo, but according to what I have read the virus cannot live but a few minutes outside the body, except for syringes.


I mean for goodness sakes what type of life could an unemployed, bipolor, drug addict, with HIV have to offer me?? Heck he cannot even afford a bag of groceries....it's so hard to be mad at a person like him....so so pathetic.


It kills me to see him cry saying how he don't want anything to be wrong with his blood...sad truth is poor fella probably won't outlive me, and I will be very very sad when the day comes to find out he has passed, but then he will no longer be in pain anymore and perhaps he will find peace in his next life.

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