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Last night, I went out with my siblings. We went to a restaurant and I was noticing all of the girls around. The girls who are probably between the ages of 19-26 and I noticed how they dressed. Tube tops, nice flashy blouses, short-shorts, really tan and short, chic haircuts. For some reason, this made me feel kind of weird. I'm a 19 year old, virgin girl who dresses casually with bootcut jeans, casual but nice shirts that aren't flashy and flat heeled shoes and my hair is medium length, wavy-curly and I don't get into the tanning bed.


What is more appealing to men? Is it flashiness or more of a down-to-earth girl? Because I definitely am NOT out there looking.


Thanks Ya'll!

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Personally I had a choice to make about a week ago with this girl who was trying to get my attention by wearing these very short well shorts and a tube top with hardly anything on or a woman that dresses up really nice and to be truthfull I like women who dress up nice and carry themselves well I find it more attractive.

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It just depends on the man. As a woman, I like guys who wear suits and ties and designer fragrances. I don't date too many men who wear jeans. Of course, a man can't wear suits everday, but I like a man who has to wear a suit to work, even if he isn't making a lot of money. Suits, to me, are super hot! Jeans are not. So, men feel the same way. Some like a girl to dress conservatively, some like her to dress provocatively. Not all people like the same thing, thank God!

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It's all on you girl. You can decide to go for the trendy look and show a little more skin if you want the attention that comes along with it, or you can rock your own style and hope that when you are open to a relationship that the right guy will come along and be looking for someone just like you.


From a guy's point of view:


The sort of 'flash in the pan' attention these girls get from wearing tight, skimpy clothes works. It's gonna get our glances and get our minds going. Its positive and negative though. Sometimes a girl who wears too little or dresses too sexy can be perceived as a certain type of girl whether she is or not and they might attract attention from guys who are only looking for action. On the other hand, a girl who dresses less flashy might go unnoticed or be perceived as reserved.


I think that a woman who takes the time and energy to look nice definitely gets my attention. If she dresses too flashy or skimpy its an immediate turn off because i just assume shes out there to get all the attention she can. If the girl doesn't put any effort into looking nice though I won't be attracted to her. It's a balance. Any style of dress can work if it's done with a little effort.

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Just an FYI, this is from the point of view of an eighteen year old male.


Today I was out with my family, eating dinner. We were eating at a restaurant/bar, so you can imagine most of the girls there. Short Shorts, tank tops, the whole nine yards. Obviously, hormones racing I looked over to my step brother and said, "Man, check out all these hotties".


You know the funny thing? None of them caught my eye for very long. It was, "Ooh, she's a seven" or "There's a nine, dude!".


Then, I saw a girl sitting with what appeared to be her family. She was dressed in jeans and a cute top. Not too fancy, not to revealing either.


I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She looked so beautiful sitting there that it was hard for me to eat my dinner. If I wasn't eating dinner with my family I would have gone over and attempted to get her number, at least.



All I can say is, it really depends on the guy. Personally, I'll take a cute girl that feels comfortable being herself and not showing off over some girl that's just trying to look hot for the guys.




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