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mum brother aunt more important than me

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My mum drops EVERYTHING for her sister and my brother. My Brother wants to take his computer over to our cousins, and he hasn't got a car, so my mum said Yes Definantly, whereas when I need a lift home, 4 miles, she said no walk.


OK my brother is taking a computer, but he gets lifts here there and everywhere, my mum spoon feeds him. Gives him everything he wants, he wants new shoes £40, I been needing shoes for the last 6 months, and she wont get me some.


OK yeah I've run away multiple times, but there are many reasons for that, partly because I feel she doesn't love me. And she doesn't i know she doesn't.


And my aunt (mums sister) can say all she wants about me, as soon as she complains about my brother my mum has a go at her. Same with Nick, he can call me all the names under the sun, as soon as its my brother, my mum yells at him.


Granted my mum helps me, but she gets child tax credits (£50 a month) and child bennifit, (£18 a week) and she cannot get me some shoes?. She has said if I want to do my full bike lisense I have to pay for it, she put my brother through his driving lessons, test, bought him car after car. And she wont do that for me? Thats really unfair.


She wants me to move out, but doesn't let me leave she has to decide where I can or cannot live. And I have to live at HER friends. With her friends daughter who loves to beat me up.


I feel like walking out again. I may well do that, for the final time, I went for a month, and now I can go for a life time. If she doesn't want me, she doesn't have to have me.


Oh, and for my 18th birthday I got £25 my brother got about £100. OK yes I had run away, but jeez what a way to show you love your youngest child.


MY brothers 22 coming.

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It is really difficult when you feel a parent prefers a sibling over you. I have had the same happen to me with my younger sister. Sometimes she would smart off to our father and he would just yell at her whereas when I was her age (11 years younger) I would have been slapped accross the face. now that I am an adult I realize my father was just correcting mistakes he made with me. But that still didnt seem fair. I understand that your situation is a bit different because you are the younger one. Your mother may look at your brother as the "golden child" no matter how many mistakes he makes, he is her oldest and does no wrong in her eyes.

To fix this I would first try to speak to your mother about it, and if that does not work...you are 18 go ahead, if you feel you can make it on your own, as you have before. Go for it. She will feel the pain in time.

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thanks for the reply, would have replied early but i viewed the reply from my phone.


I want to try and make it on my own, but my mum wont let me move out, yeah i know i'm 18 and can do as i choose, but she is making it difficult, and i have no job, and need to finish college else ill be working in a factory.

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