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my boyfriend seems to have a boner whenever we touch...sometimes, even when we're just talking without any contact whatsoever..& i've got to admit...its worrisome...i don't know if this matters but i haven't had sex with him [or anyone for that matter].


i can't help but wonder if he gets the same arousal if he's hanging out with any old female counterpart..i asked him about it and he said "no...u can bring the hottest chick to me and i wouldn't be turned on as easily as i am around you." Is that true?


Do guys get aroused around "certain" females even if there are always more attractive and sexually appealing women in the world? Why?

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Hes aroused because he hasn't gotten laid before and doesn't know how to control it.


well with his "previous" partner...he wasn't able to have sex with her BECAUSE he wouldn't "come up." The oppurtunity did come a'knockin but his arousal level was low...i guess its hard for me to tell why NOW...its just a boner gone wild.

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Ha I like it when my bf has a boner for no reason just cause..

He's aroused cause he's with his...girlfriend...and you're special to him.


no i definitely understand that XD its almost a male compliment at times...but sometimes...we will be in a serious conversation...and then..it becomes a real pain.

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Ha. This thread is hilarious.


As for the issue at hand - I had a gal at one time in my life where if she was even around me within 50 yards, I had it going. I don't know why really... I mean, I do know why, but as in terms of why the extreme, though, is something I'm not sure about. I guess it was because I knew I was going to get some within the first first hours of her arrival? Who knows...


You guys are young. Enjoy it, but be safe and don't do anything stupid.

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It DEFINITELY can be targeted to a specific woman. Even after being "involved" with this woman for a year and a half, sometimes she can be talking about the weather, or whatever, and out of nowhere "BOIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!" Whereas I see plenty of beautiful women every day in my business, and nothing, nada, zip. no interest.


And then of course I always say something stupid to her like "hey baby, you caused it, now you gotta come deal with it" lol

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Heh. You shouldn't be 'worried' whether he's having boners for you or for no reason at all. Biologically, guys around that age are designed to be at their sexual prime time, or at least moving into it.


Your reaction to it is totally up to you though. If he's trying to be discreet about it then you should appreciate that for what it is, and if he's trying to make it obvious then he's prolly just a horny teenager and hoping you noticing will yield something.


Guys can get a boner from anything from a beautiful woman to the material of our jeans shifting. Heck, sometimes there is really no reason at all. If we are with a pretty girl who we care about then it's pretty much a 100% chance that it will happen at some point.


In all honesty, he is turned on by you and he can be turned on by other women. It's natural. A guy's boner doesn't take feelings or loyalty into account, its just what he does with it that's important.

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My boyfriend always has one around me. I love it. It makes me feel...Sexy and special and...Well, just really really special because it only happens around me.


The only problem is when I'm really upset and crying in his arms he can often still have one. Which can annoy me. It can also make me laugh and thereby cheer me up. =)

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