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is my friend liking me?


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problem here:

I'm really starting to think that my friend likes me.

First off, She constently flirts with me

She HAS to sit by me at lunch, and gets really mad or sad when someone else does.

She trusts me with anything.

At school for Christmas, you could buy these CandyCane Messages and send them to people. She sent me one. And I was the only one she sent one to.

And she insists that i have to have at least 1 slow dance with her at each dance.

What I'm asking?:

Does she like me? I myself dont really like her more than a friend.

If she does decide to ask me out, what should I do? i mean she's one of my best friends, so i dont want her hurt or sad. But i really like this other girl, so that's who i'd rather go out with.

So give your thoughts and advise. Thanx!

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from what uve said, i think itd be pretty safe to say she does. what did she say on the candy cane message? anything that would hint that she does like u? what does she do when she flirts with you? if shes always trying to be close to you or touch you then id say thats a sure sign. i would say on your other problem on what you would do if she does ask you out, i would gently deny her but reassure her that nothing wil change between you two. for the girl that you like, wait a little bit until things die down some with your friend that likes you. going out with the other girl too soon after your friend has expressed her feelings may upset your friend. i had a friend in the similar situation and she felt horrible whne he started to date this other girl. just be patient until u feel things have died down and then make your move. maybe u would even ask your friend if she wouldnt feel weird about u going out with soemone. but thats your choice. good luck

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