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Hiya peeps,

i dunno if a put this in the right place but i'll truck on anywayz lol

I am 37 and been outta 17 yr relationship nearly 2 yrs.

I met a gr8 guy via a online dating site last dec, we met & clicked straight away, he proposed in jan so been engaged till now wedding poss april o9.

My prob is that he dont talk much about his family , they said to him that i was only with him to see what i could get !! totally untrue.

I have 2 kids and he been outta work more time than in so i have supported him !!

i logged in to catch up on the forums on here & his sis said on her online comment on msn that her bro is a selfcentered .

He has never mentioned it , so am worried that he is keeping stuff away from me , the ex did the same & i dont think i could go thru it again .

any thoughts plz.

ps i am 37 & he is 27.

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I think you need to postpone the wedding until you are really sure that he is not using you. He is 10 years younger, and doesn't hold down a job. That might indicate he wants someone else to support him if he is indeed self centered as his sister says.


I would also try to meet his family and discover whether they are telling the truth, or he is telling the truth and his family is the problem. His sister could be a not nice person to say bad things about her brother, or she could be telling the truth. You need to find that out, and also find out whether he is willing and able to hold down a job and take adult responsibility.


My hunch is that his sister told him HE was in the relationship to see what he could get, not that YOU were in the relationship for that reason, and he wants to keep you away from the family so that you don't find out more about him.


But i would check it out to see which side of the story is true.

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Have you ever met his family? How would they know, that you were after what you could get, when they don't even know you? And if he's hardly worked....well what does he have that you are so badly after???


As for his sis, I'd be suspicious of her motives. If his family don't like you being together, then she could be saying he is self centered, hoping that you are going to end the relationship with him.


Nothing worse than interfering family and I wouldn't want to know about them, if they didn't have anything good to say about me and when they didn't even know me.....


I couldn't be bothered with the drama...

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