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Possibly getting back together.....


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Hey guys............My ex of 4 years ago and I are back talking. We broke up my senior year of high school because we just wanted to explore different things. I never really got over her, and after talking to her this week, she told me she never got over me either.


She currently has a boyfriend, but she says he treats her bad and she knows she deserves better. She said she's tried finding better but hasn't been treated the same since the day we left each other. She is currently in Virginia at AIT training.


We are going out to eat and to a movie, and to church together when she gets back. She is also planning on goin to college football games with me.


I'm just sorta confused though. She said she is honestly thinking about getting back with me but she can't really do anything until she gets back in a few weeks from Virginia. I think it looks good, seeing she couldn't do all of this stuff if she was still with her guy because he knows about our past relationship and he wants her to have nothing to do with me for some reason. What do you guys think? Thanks!

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Dude... she's got a boyfriend. You're basically hanging out with her while she cheats on him. Hmmm... wonder if she'll do it again? Have you ever thought you may be the rebound?


I don't know bud. I think I'd let her get clear of her baggage (BF). Then maybe a few months of healing before I'd get involved. That's not to say you can't be friends.

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It's not a good sign if she hides you from him. It's like having your cake and eating it too ya know? And who's to say if you got back together with her, that she wouldn't hide him from you? Always got to think of the consequences when dealing with someone that is in a relationship.

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Well, from the way she talks, I think she's goin to break up with him as soon as she gets back. Otherwise she wouldn't be planning all of this stuff to do. She wouldn't hang out with me IF she was still with him I'm pretty sure


I think it's dangerous to make that assumption--You should definitely talk to her about it. Ask her how she's going to handle breaking up with him if you think she would be offended if you asked IF she's going to break up with him...Better safe than sorry.

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If he is in fact treating her poorly she really could be using you to move on from him. I'm not saying this to hurt your feelings. I would love to tell you that y'all will get back together and everything will be blissful again but for all you know she could be an entirely different person now. Don't get your hopes up that things will be renewed, especially if you told her you never got over her first. That opens the door for her to begin thinking 'Oh well I like him to,' as opposed to her actually feeling that way.


Just guard your heart.

You don't deserve to hurt.

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