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Did I just get dumped?

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My feeling is yes but I'll lay it to you here anyways.


Been dating this girl for 2 months. I see her once every 10 days because she lives 1 hr away. Every date has been great and on date 5 she wanted me to meet her parents. Date 6 went well but towards the end of it she grew distant.


4 days later I received a text from her saying


"Hey. I don't know how you see things between us but I am feeling very confused. Its best if you don't meet my parents because that will only confuse things even more"


My feeling is that she has met someone else - what should I reply? I feel I just got dumped.

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From her response, it sounds like something happened that is leaving her confused. If I were you, I'd call her to see what's going. I hate all this texting stuff. You cannot communicate about a relationship through text message! So call her, see why she's thinking that. Maybe she's just insecure about the relationship and isn't sure where you stand. Maybe she's lost interest and is trying to find a way out. If you want to find out, call her and ask.

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