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Sum1 please help, got to talk myself out of texting him right now!!

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Hi all, its been left, last saw each other on Sunday as friends. Its never gonna go anywhere but I have a real urge to text him now! Ive been out for a few drinks, not loads at all, and Im just feeling bit lonely right now (god, I sound like a right saddo, lol!) Just been out with mates, but was tired, now I'm really thinking I would love his company right now, but it would be all wrong to do that!



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honey, jump ahead to the place where you sent that text, got no reply, and felt hurt and even more lonely. or worse, he comes over, you two enjoy each other and your back to square one because he just blew you off for another two or three weeks.


don't text. do not text. don't do it!!

stay here and read/post.



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What do you want to text him? Write it here. you will feel better and you will get the urge out of your system and might feel better, but actually sending it to him won't make you feel better, then you'll start analyzing it, why isn't he texting me back and so on, it will eat you even more.


Hang it there.. be strong dear.

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Hi, I wanted to text "hi what you up to tonight".. thats it, but yes, I would a lot worse if he didnt reply and that is likely too!


Bad idea, I know I wont do it because I cant let myself look so foolish like that, but I am hankering after him


I am worried that Im just hankering after someone, which is awful isnt it! lol

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heartbroken9, that post has helped. It would be so wrong for my well-being (and sanity) to do it, I'm not going to. I'm better than that, want a man to want me so much he can't stay away, wants to speak to me often etc.


He is like my little obsession that I have to let go of.

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No, you don't want to just say hi, you want him to rush over and declare undying love and that you will alway be together and blah blah blah...


But you KNOW he just wants a booty call. He might rush over, but it would be for sex, then he'd disappear again, as he has done many times.


You have to think past momentary loneliness, and recognize you are going to a dry well looking for this guy to fulfil your emotional needs. He doesn't want to fulfill your emotional needs. So at best you'll get your momentary fix, then he's gone again and it reinforces your loneliness.


You have to break this cycle if you want to get a real life and a real boyfriend.

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So true BSBH, thanks. He doesnt want to its true, otherwise he would be doing it!


He doesnt give me even a quarter of what I need. You know what I want, I want someone who wants to see/speak to me, cares about me and what I'm doing, making sure I'm getting home safe etc. Ive looked after myself for so long now, 5 years, I want someone to look after me. And I deserve it! I'm well liked and not bad looking and I'm bubbly and I have a brain/ideas/views etc.


I want more than a call for poontang!

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Even if its just to say hi/..DONT!! All i said last time was..hey..how are you doing..and I got NOTHING..i was so hurt..im STILL hurting..


I havent been able to go a week without trying to contact him and everytime I have so far..he ignores me..


He is like my obsession that I need to let go as well..I just dont know how to..BUT everyone says NC is the way to go so Im trying to take that advice and you should too! Lets do this together!

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So instead of texting him tonight... why not go out with some friends and meet some new people? Or just go out and have fun, doing something you like for yourself rather than turning to him.


Turning to him is just a reflex action, but it's a lot like eating a whole chocolate cake in one sitting when you feel down or lonely... seems like a good idea at the time, but just makes you feel sick and empty and stupid when you're done.

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