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Because Of You

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Because of you,

The joy of life is renewed,

Because of you,

My faith in the human race was proved,

Because of you,

I see the better side of me,

Beause of you,

A better person is going to be,

Thank you for being who you are,

Thank you for being such a star,


Because of you,

I sought the help I needed,

Because of you,

That advice I heeded,

Because of you,

Every day is a dawn,

Because of you,

A better way is born,

Thank you so much for all these things,

Thank you for the joy it brings,


These words I've wrote I've started many times,

Perhaps this atones for some of my crimes,

I wish I could say some words to heal,

But because of you, I can't make that deal,

So all I can say now to come to a end.

Is goodbye, god bless, and post this to send,

I want you to know that all this is true,

And thank you so much for being you


Just a quick one, dosent make all that much sense. Any critique appreciated.

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