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Need some help on a decision I need to make.

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I have been seeing someone now for about a month. It's not going anywhere and I'm not happy. The problem is he has a few friends that I have gotten to know real well. I know these friends of his are into me and would like to get with me. One in particular is crazy about me. He told me that he fell in love the second he saw me and that I was his soul mate. I have went out with these guys and had such a blast with them (when my guy wasn't around). The guy I have been seeing saw us all together in a resturant and got jealous and told me that it looked bad for me to running around with all these guys while he's not there. I like the guy I'm seeing but he's stringing me along and I'm sick of feeling the way I feel. But now I can't go out to see the other guys because of how he said it looked with everyone. I didn't do anything wrong, but I am attracted to this one guy who I think could really be what I'm looking for. The problem is I'm affraid of how it will affect friendships and what everyone will think of me. I don't want them all to think that I'm just going from one guy to another in a circle of friends. It's not like that at all, I just want feel cared about. If I think I can get that with someone else should I be sceptical. Its not that I want to be serious about anyone it's just I want to get to know them better and stay close to them because they are really nice people and easy to get along with and talk to (except for the guy I'm seeing). I guess what I'm saying is I want these guys to be my good friends too. It will be very strange being around his friends with him there cause I am soon telling him that I just want to be friends with him and nothing else. Should I just stay away from them and move in new directions or pursue something that I think could make me happy?

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well i think that if the guy you are going out with is making you feel unhappy or whatever you should dump him. if he got jealous he prolly said that just because it is looking bad for him that you are more happier with his friends. you should go out with this other guy that like you a lot. he seems nice and it shouldn't matter what other people think. once they see how long or how much better you get along with him they will understand if they don't from the start. well hope this helped.

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If I were you I'd first find out how serious this guy is about you. Does he want to pursue a long-term relationship with you? Does he seem overly uninterested?


What I am getting at is that if he views you as a serious gf, he will care big time when you dump him. If you dump him, then start dating one of his friends (which i'm assuming you'll attempt farely quickly) that will cause a LOT of problems amongst the two friends.


Further, if I were you I would be TOTALLY honest with him about your feelings. If you like his friend I would break up with him...Then after some time I may tell your bf that you have feelings for his friend. What I am saying is DO NOT go behind his back with this stuff...he will come after that guy for starters if you sneak around w/the new guy.


Now to be fair I'm not sure the best way you can tell someone that, but I know it is FAR better then going behind his back to date his friend.


Good luck.



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