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Is it Rehabilitation Counseling?

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I'm going back to school for a Masters degree. I'm going to be getting out of the IT market to get into something that (in my eyes) is a bit more stable and less prone to stress fractures and deadlines...


To me, I always believed that I have a strange knack for helping other people, especially when it comes to things like relationship issues and simple "venting". I'm in no way convinced that I should talley-ho out of my house and become a professional counselor by any means, but in all honesty, I feel a calling for it.


Having said that, if I'm someone who's wanting to get into counseling where you sit down and talk to the person about their issues, is this not Rehabilitation Counseling I'm speaking of? I always thought it was cognitive therapy, but it turns out that I'm not so sure now...


Anyway, if anyone might be able to provide some insight on this, I'd appreciate it. Basically, I would like to go back to school to be something like a "cognitive therapist or counselor", but I'm not sure if rehabilitation counseling is par with that... The undergrad therapist I had sessions with was titled as a "cognitive psychotherapist", so I'm not sure if this is in fact something I should shoot for or not...

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Rehab usually refers to counseling drug addicts or alcoholics.


I was kinda worried about this because my initial ambition was to be some sort of relationship counselor. Granted, I've always been someone who struggled with relationships, so in a way, I suppose that's why I would want to do it: to help myself get better and help others.


On the other side of the coin, I can see my experiences with my alcoholic family being a definite plus for others as I know a lot about how people of the "addicted type" work (or at least I believe I do, BUT...).

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