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Light at the end of the tunnel


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I will not go into the total past with my breakup. You can read that on here for your self. However, just wanted to say it does get better. I have struggled about how the breakup occurred. Talk of marriage, then a breakup so shecan become a better person, then telling me she was happier without me, then distance and animosity. She works in my building and walks right by me without even looking at me. I have begun to realize these are not the actions of an emotionally healthy person. And....I think I am better off without her as hard as that is to fathom.


So my point....it does get better. I loved (love) her with all of my heart. But as I see it now, she is not deserving of love like mine. Recovery has been slow but there is hope I think.


I pray for everyone in my position and hope it gets better for you as well. Just remember that unanswered prayers are good sometimes in the long run. And...that some exes really do not deserve what we have to offer.


God Bless

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