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I need a little "What do you think" advice!!?


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Alright I have finally moved on from my break up and started to date in the last month or so. I met this guy for drinks the other night (Wednesday) and we hit it off....there wasnt a dull moment, we laughed so mucha nd had a lot in common. Well when he was walking me out to my car he asked what I was doing this weekend and I said I was going to see The Batman movie..he asked if I wanted comapny and then we had a date!!! We both said "Well talk to you tomorrow" and I left...he texted me to make sure I got home ok. Well yesterday I never heard from him, why do guys do that? DO girls read into that too much?? I sometimes wonder if guys even realize they do this? SO I emailed him a little while ago and just said "Just wanted to say hey..call me tonight after your ball game if you want...looking forward to tomorrow"

Now of course I am afraid he wont respond or call....I am goiong to the movie with or without him. My sister said "Dating is like a 2nd job..just chill and let it ride" Am I being too paranoid? Getting back into dating just scares me...

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Just because someone says they will talk to you tomorrow, doesn't mean they necessarily exactly mean tomorrow. Sometimes people say things like that but it is not meant to be taken literally. In other words, tomorrow could really have meant the day after to firm up plans. I remember talking to a friend of mine and he would get a long distance call so he would tell me he would call back later. While I assumed later meant after he finished with the phone call, his perception of later was when he had the chance..that could mean that day or even the next day.


So the bottom line is just relax and wait and see what happens. Take these "I'll call you" statements with a grain of salt and know that it is usually open ended.

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Perhaps he wasn't well, or had a family emergency, perhaps he fell in love with a badger


There could be any number of reasons, or perhaps he simply forget as he was busy. I wouldn't be fretting after one day, give it time.


If it dosen't happen, brush it off and get right back into the think of it

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Seems like you have your answer, but i want say. If you are either girl in your avatar, you should have no problem finding another guy if the guy bails. But one day of NC is nothing to be worried about. Maybe if you slept together, but not in your situation. Also, I seen batman last night (Didn't get to sleep till 4am...eekkk!) and it was pretty good.


Also love your caterpaillar quote and annie24 you quote is so true. Maybe i'm lucky or not, but i seem to run into more nuts then anything. * * * * my best friend that is a girl is a prefect example to. Has to be one of the nuttiest i've met.

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Thanks Lost...I am the redhead in the green shirt..the other girl is my sister (and she complains she meets a lot of nuts..LOL)

I have never seen a "Batman" it just looks so good....I am excited. And the moment I read the caterpillar saying I fell in love with it, I want to get it tattooed on me somewhere, but working at a private Episcopal school...yeah that wont fly too well...LOL Thanks

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I agree- let him at least contact you and see if there is a reasonable explanation. Don't write him off as The Joker just yet ;-)


I will say I had a similar experience where I met a guy through an on line dating site, at the end of our time together he asked if I wanted to see a particular movie the following weekend, I said yes, he said he'd call and he never did. I never assumed we had a specific plan so I just chilled as your sister advised but sure, it annoyed me some.

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