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I don't even know where to begin. My life has been a total mess for quite some time now. I think it started when my father passed away two years ago. I have been fighting depression ever since - I haven't been able to hold down a job, have been in and out of destructive relationships, and think that I have developed a pretty hefty addiction to sex.


Over the course of the last three months it has gotten much worse. I have a six year old son whom I raise by myself with no support whatsoever from the sperm donor. I have been putting myself at risk sexually, and recently took about 8 Vicodin and 10 promethezine. I was trying to kill myself, but for some reason, I only landed in a virtual coma for a full day. I am not feeling okay about myself, and I am wondering if I shouldn't see about some inpatient care for myself. I don't know what I would do with my son, or how I would be able to support myself - but I really feel lost, scared and in a huge dark pit.

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Don't fight the depression, accept it as part of who you are for now. Grief is a process not an event and runs a course oveer time, a long time.


Don't feel guilty about wanting to do nothing all day. Just let yourself just be.


Take each day as it comes and look after your sons mother first. Love her, she's going through a rough old time,so be gentle with her.


Counselling might be a good option for you now and it might be worth talking to a doctor but if you don't feel ready or are fearful, maybe join an internet support group specificaly for those who have lost parents so you can pour out your feelings anonymously to those who truly understand.


My thoughts are with you.

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I became involved with a really terrible person, and now I am trapped because I moved into his house - not as his girlfriend but as his tenant. He made all these huge promises to me of monogamy, etc at the beginning of our relationship. Turns out he just wanted to continue to have sex with me and he knew I wouldn't put up with multiple women. He started basically shoving the women he's seeing (and there is a different one for each day of the week - and he says he's not going to stop having sex with everyone he can) down my throat. He went from being Mr. sensitive caring guy to a monster literally overnight. I came to his house last week to surprise him and found him naked with his face between the legs of another woman whom I am convinced is a prostitute. I am really scared, hurt and betrayed. I went to a crisis clinic the other day, and feel better, but I'm still having a very tough time. ](*,)

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