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If there is anyone out there feeling lonely, sad and hurt after a breakup. It's normal, it's so normal people. There'll be days that you just wish that you could lay in his/her arms all day. There is that odd call or a few that you make, begging and pleading to make things work. You tell them anything they want to hear to make it work. There are times that you don't want to go anywhere because "the ex" might be there. And you don't go. This is normal it's part of the breakup. It's part of the hurt.


He broke up with me 3 times in 2 months. And about a month and half ago, I realised that it will never ever work. I embraced the decision that I made and went ahead...I LIVED my life, I AM LIVING my life and I WILL LIVE my life. I made up with a friend (12 years of friendship was severed because of the ex). This hurt the most. I spent time with my friend every weekend and we chatted every night. He made me realise why he is my best friend for a reason...AND I threw him away for a man. Hell no, that's not the way it should be.


This is a note to everyone that is hurting out there. Everyone on this website says it, THE PAIN DISSIPATES IN NANOBITS. Yes, it's true. The most important thing is. Get your life back. It seems like your hurt overwhelms every emotion BUT honestly you are hurting for a reason. On my birthday, when the clock struck 12am, I received an email from the ex, wishing me a happy birthday- I replied and said thank you. An hour later I received a text message from an unknown number wishing me a happy birthday. I replied by saying "Who is this?" and lo and behold- I remembered the next day that it was my ex's number. My advice to you is...when you go NC, after a few weeks you forget their details. And I can imagine how he felt when he received that message from me. Well, that is not my problem. I don't care about the way he felt when he got that message from me, as I don't care anymore. I was hurt and he broke up with me, so that is his problem.


There is another thing that I would like to add to this...there was a reason that you are alone at the moment. It means that a higher power needs and wants you to learn something about yourself. This is so true, please take this advice. LIVE in the present, LEARN from the past, and CREATE a future for yourself. This is vitally important.


I saw the ex this past weekend, and he came to speak to me. I told him that I knew what I did wrong in the relationship and he asked me if I want to apologise to him, I SAID NO. That's the step everyone has to take. YOU don't have to apologise to anyone. If you have learned from the past, you know what the lesson was, and you would know what to do differently in the future. So no, DON'T apologise-EVER. Whilst talking to the ex, I went to best friend, and he just gave me a look. And then I walked back to my ex and the last words that I told him was- YOU are not worth me losing my best friend again, and you never deserved me in the first place.


In all honesty, I learned from the relationship. I realised that it wasn't about him. It was about me. A higher power wanted me to realise and focus on my goals that I set for myself. I have been derailing from my goals when I'm in a relationship and NOW that I have hurt for all the past relationships and learned the lesson I needed to learn - it feels liberating.


I realised that the ex IS NOT over me because he sent a friend to see what I was doing all the time. And once again that's no my problem. Don't let the ex back inot your life. YOU LIVE and YOU LEARN. When you are going on with your life, you realise how much you have missed. It's a big step for you as a person. So do accept the hurt and most important LOVE yourself.



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