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How To Get Custody?

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I was wondering, How do I go about getting custody of My daughter? She lives with me and has since she was born, and she's never anywhere without me or My mom.. My Daughter's mother see's her once a week (sometimes). And I figure its probably about time I find out how to go about custody. so how do I do it?


Thanks for any and all help,


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As Daligal83 has said, you need to file a petition with the court. If there is a custody order, then you need to file a modification of custody. If there isn't, then just file an original custody and support petition.


You can do this yourself, however I would strongly recommend getting an attorney. When it comes to matters regarding children I think it is wise to have professional legal counsel. I know it is expensive but consider it an investment in your daughter. You don't want some technical error or other mistake to mess up your custody orders simply because you aren't experienced in dealing with the court.

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