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i saw my ex last night and was ok

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i saw him last night.... i did not cry

i got a bit panicky but i stood my ground

his mututal friends said i looked great and hot i saw them prior to him arriving kept its busines like just abit of general chit chat..

i walked past a bit he would ahave seen me but now i feel immature like i should have said hello but then i was like well * * * * u you broke up with me..

i surprised myself at how ok i was.


I saw him last night he never caught my eye until I got into a cab and he looked away quickly…


Its kinda sad in a way his body language was not great he looked cold and never asw him smile


He avoided me


Id idnt approach him


I had a friend stay over


I didn’t cry I was strong his friend said I looked good he arrived with a different mate…


I hope it cut him into pieces.


I am sad now I had no sleep and just feel rotten was he deliberately ignoring me or guilt and afraid but surely he shouldn’t feel that he broke up with me


Anyway I dunno at the party if I should speak to him and be civil which is tomorrow? i feel like i am so immature and childish that we cant just acknowledge each other


Its so stupid do we carry on like ghosts to each other L


I don’t want to talk to anyone about it really I was fine I held my own I got a bit panicky and shakey then I was filled with disgust..


I dunno…the lead singer of the band tuned me


this guy i was looking forawrd to reconnecting with didn’t show up and another guy who was down was kinda weird and I was awkward


(a mutual friend) gave me a hug and I wanted to cry but didn’t

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there is no reason if at the party the two of you catch each others' eye that you shouldn't smile, and then go about your business. its not immature at all, in my opinion, if you don't feel comfortable with doing that, or any other form of contact. you need to do what feels right for you. i just wouldn't engage in a conversation, though. if he approaches you, you can smile, say "its good to see you" (you don't really have to mean it ) and excuse yourself to the bathroom. cry then if you feel like it, fix your mascara, and go back out and mingle!


good luck! i'm pulling for you!


xo gg

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its just i am not sure of protocol

he broke up with me cheated on me and then he looked uncomfortable but

should i be civil or does that come accross as desperate still in love with him?

its like he didnt have the guts or nerve to speak

but then again hell he may not have wanted to

i know it doesnt matter but yeah

its bothering me today

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You have to think about yourself. He cheated on you and broke up with you. It's HIS loss. Carry on with your life, you don't need someone like this in your life..especially dragging it on and on and playing these silly lil games with you. Be yourself at the party and do what you would normally do. How long have you been broken up for? How long did you go out?

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we were together 2.5 years the aprty date is our anniversary date.

its been 2 months and a week...

since we were broken up

i feel strangely empowered at the moment

i just dont know what to do and i dont really care at the moment im exhausted

i dont really think he deserves my time

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Then you answered your own problem. He messed up. Its been a few months and even if you still love him, there's a 50 50 chance that he hasn't changed. If you think he doesn't deserve your time, than don't give it. At this point, you have to think about yourself and what you went through to get through the emotions that got you to this point of 2 months later. You don't want to go through all that again do you?

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i guess i will see how it goes

i mean if its RUDE not to ill say hi and thats it

like if he approaches (which i doubt he looked like a scared dog)

but i dont get it

he was so mean about it and now its like his language was regretful

or maybe thats me wanting it tobe

it could have been " yuk go away leave me alone oh no she is here and i dont want to have to talk to her"

i really dont know.

he could say something i dont want to hear but i just thought it was more mature

i dunno

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Cheaters tend to feel guilty after time has passed. He also could be realizing what he messed up cuz ppl tend to not know what they have until they lose it. Ya know? it never hurts to say hi, it's the mature thing to do...but make sure you stay strong on your feet and mind or else he will sneak his lil cheating self back into your life and before you know it, you will be back to square one.

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