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Giving my two weeks notice today. Nervous!

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You got somethin else lined up? If you don't, don't quit, unless you don't need money.


Do what you gotta do. Even if you don't get along with your boss, make it professional. I always make mine two week notice say something like, "Thank you for giving me the opportunity...blah blah...


Even if you have no intention of ever going back, don't burn your bridges

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I get along fine with everyone. I've decided to take August to myself and then in September I'll be refreshed and ready for school with maybe even an extra course or two. I'm tired of fiddling around with random jobs and want to get my foot in the door at a local paper. Even if it's little or no pay, I do have a student loan lined up, so I'll be okay. In the past 5 years I've had a total of 2 weeks holiday, and I really need to breathe and just have fun for a few weeks.

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Don't worry about what they think. Your boss will have to understand, and if he doesn't....oh well. They'll get over it.


For some reason, your concern reminds me of the movie "Waiting". When he doesn't want to accept the job as assistant manager and he tells his boss he quits instead.


"No...see....I write the book. and what happened is, you walked in and YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!"

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