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wrote him a letter...now do i give it to him?

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So long story short for those who haven't followed my story. Ex broke up with me in january (reasoning said he got scared) we both moved on to different relationships around april both ended in may/june I have since realized that i have never moved on from him like i thought i had its been 6/7 months since the break up and we are now friends we hang out have a good time and have our old conversations back. I'd like to let him know how i feel still...but at the same time feel it might make him run for the hills again. Just like in the letter i explain his friendship is more important than anything else but think its only fair that i tell him how i really feel


so i just wrote a letter to jer because i really don't think I'd have the balls to tell him in person...except I'd be there when he read it i don't know when i plan on giving it too him but it will be a while just want u to tell me if its dumb, too much, honest, etc. of course i'm going to tweak the letter a bit fix grammer spelling etc.


Guess what today is/was? yep would have been together for a year today. I'd like to thank you for everything you have ever done for me. I do really appreciate you being there for me when I didn't or couldn't count on anyone else, or want to be around anyone. I really never expected you to be the one to come to my rescue when everything started to fall apart, losing my job Cody etc. I think it is time for me to be honest with you. 1st and foremost our friendship is the most important thing to me and if nothing else I'm happy that you are still in my life. when we went floating you said that it isn't fair that the guy has to put his feelings out there and make the first move hoping to not get rejected. So here it goes just putting my feelings out there, its not fair if I don't tell you how I really feel about you. I still care about you not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Even when i was with Cody i would get excited every time you would text me. I thought I had moved on but thinking about things now...Cody was a rebound and a failed one at that. When you text me right before you left to go to the lake with your family apologizing and saying sorry for not being the same guy. I knew I still had feelings for you just wasn't exactly sure what kind. Then you called that night and we stayed up practically all night just talking and catching up. I really didn't want to hang up it felt good to talk to you again.When you showed up at my house after Cody broke up with me you walked up behind me and hugged me and that felt really good to be back in your arms again even if it was only a friendly hug. I remembered why I feel for you in the first place. Now for our trip/ride to Stanley when we got to lowman i remembered our little drives trips to the hot springs and when we drove up to challis that one day just to get out of the city and be alone. I could help but start crying when you asked what was wrong. I told myself i wouldn't miss you but its like everything has come back to me if there is one memory I don't ever want to lose it would be that time at the hot springs, it was raining just you and me and it was perfect. you said that your not emotionally attached and i can understand that I'm hoping it is something that could develop. I'd like to start over start fresh take things slow and see what could happen if you could open your heart and let me in again. i really think we could have something good. why not try a clean start I've worked alot on what you didn't like before and have realized what really is important. Like i said at first your friendship is the most important if you dont' feel the same I understand was just taking a chance and hoping for one back. I don't know when or if I'll give this to you but take care....Biscuit Nik

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No he is not with the girl anymore


I honestly don't know what his responce will be....I was waiting before I gave it to him to make sure he isn't still stuck on the girl. I know he cares about me or he wouldn't talk about me or wouldn't ask how I'm doing. Or like in the letter when I was talking about our ride to lowman...he could tell i was "off" and asked what was wrong...he can just pick up on that stuff with me

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It's a very honest and lovely letter, BUT if this guy left the relationship because he was scared (commitment phobia) then this letter will as you say, "Make him run for the hills."


Why even mention your rebound relationship? I know you said it would be tough, but I think telling him this stuff in person could be more effective than a letter, especially if he's reading it right in front of you (too much pressure).


Maybe the short and sweet approach would work better with him?

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No, I'm not saying to hide anything from him; I just don't think it adds anything to your reasons for wanting him back.


Short and sweet approach would be doing something fun that you both enjoy -- going for coffee, Frisbee in the park, ice cream at the beach, anything fun -- and bringing up the fact that you still have feelings for him, that they never went away and that you would really like to give "us" another shot.


Of course, he might need more information, but I think you'll get more of a response out of him with this approach than forcing him to respond to a long and very personal letter.


And remember, this is just my opinion.

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Yea, it might be emotional -- you love him -- but your words would be genuine and real -- not just letters on a page.


But you don’t have to make the conversation sad – what about waiting for a moment when you’re both hysterically laughing?

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