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Spotting while on the pill?

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Note: this post also pertains to sexual health, so sorry if this is the wrong forum.


So, the past couple of days I have been experiencing spotting, even though I am on the pill. At first it was VERY light and barely noticeable, but it has slowly grown more prominant. I haven't missed any days and have been taking them all roughly at the same time of the day... so what could be causing this? I often "skip" my periods and continue taking the pill (a practice my doctor says is fine, and I make sure I have at least two periods a season, just to be safe). Recently I did that... could that have something to do with it?


Also, I have never actually had sex, but my boyfriend and I have been experimenting with different fingering practices in hopes of making penetration easier when it actually happens. The other day, I'm fairly sure we broke my heimen... could this maybe be related to that?


I'm really just rather confused about what is going on.

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I am also on continous birth control (same thing as skipping periods) and find that I spot fairly often, usually around 6 weeks in for a few days and then when I do have my period, it's light and only lasts a few days. Hence why I like this type of plan.


I wouldn't worry about it at all and it's pretty unlikely that you did any type of damage. Unless you are having heavy bleeding, I wouldn't stress it.


I agree that if you would feel better to hear this advice from a doctor, give them a ring.

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Spotting can occur when you "skip" periods, if you end up taking a pill late, your period will sometimes start right away. That could be what happened.


Yes this also happens to me, if I were to skip a pil by accident, even by around 8 hours, I'd immediately start my period. You don't have to actually MISS the pill but for some not taking it right when you should (same time every day) will cause spotting.

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Hey, thanks guys.... even just hearing that it's not a total freak occurrence makes me feel better.


To answer any questions, I'm on Tricyclin, and I've been taking it for five years for hormonal reasons. I've only been "skipping" periods while on it for the last year, though.

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