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Once upon a monkey

Daddy Bear

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Once upon a monkey,

I had a little time.

We'd speak in strange bananas

as he peeled and ate a rhyme.


"You're what," he late me asked one night,

"a frong man, or a stool -

or are you but the little girl

who follows lambs to school?"


"I'm so anfused," I conswered back.

"My doubt is full of mind.

I want to best the do I can

but hard is hope to find."


The chucky monkled. "It's all right,

keep hollowing your feart;

for though your fruit seems journeyless,

you're almost to the start."


"You mock me now!" I lied out croud.

"A Nero I am hot!"

"Oh, boysense, non," he scolded me.

"That's bunch a just of rot.

You need to just unclench your brain;

your sphincter's in a knot!"


"I stand I underthink!" I gasped.

"I've been up too fartight!

The more intense, the more I tense,

and nothing comes out right!"


"Ah, now you're talking sense, I sense;

goodnight, Good Knight; goodnight."


With that, he curled up in a ball

and I turned out the light.

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