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still not independant of his mother


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At the age of 38 my partner is still not independent of his mother. She has access to his bank accounts and sends letters instructing him how to do his tax. Without boring people with too much detail I feel there is no doubt that she is using him and emotionally manuipulating him.


I try to ignore her and just show him love but I feel sad inside. We are just living together and not even engaged which i feel sad about I wish we could be married and independent of his family and just a normal couple but I feel I have to pass his tests to be proposed too. How can I be the person he would want to marry when the circumstances of the relationship as they stand make me so unhappy. I can't stand his mother and he can't see what she is doing he just defends her. I can only ignore her but gee it is getting to me that she has such an influence over his finances and i am struggling (due to accident) I feel sad that he does not seem to ever want to buy me anything special and his mother has so much control.


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I'm not going to say that he will change because I believe he never will. But in my opinion it would be worst if he would change. This guy needs someone he can depend on. Do you really want to have a 38 yr old child. Just let his mom keep him.

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