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First date "conundrum".


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So, I met up with an acquaintance which I have not seen in years the other night. We exchanged numbers and told each other we would be in touch to get lunch in the future. Well, for the next week, she contacted me every day at 7:30 am eagerly awaiting me to commit to a time to have a date. So, we meet for lunch and have a grand time... Lunch becomes dinner then even cocktails and dancing. At the end of the night, I sneak in a kiss to the cheek and she responds by saying, "Whoa. You can't be so pushy, it's the first date!" hahah.


Anyways, this is the most random response I have ever had from a little peck. She continues contacting me, but I am in no position to get into a relationship. Anyone ever have an experience like this and what do you suggest I do?

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I have a history of attracting women who aren't all that well put together. I just spent 4 years of my life with a girl who slowly but surely lost control and ended up being diagnosed as bipolar. So, as crappy as it is, I do make sure there isn't jars full of pills, no matter what they may be for, in a girls purse.


Just an interesting situation...

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