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No real question, just anecdote

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So yesterday I told my roommate I am moivng out. I lived here for three years. Reason being... He is extremely OCD and very paranoid. He nags, complains and bosses people around constantly. Well my ex lived with us for about a year. Although there were other issues, his creation of a hostile environment was a factor in us breaking up. When I wasn't in grad school and my ex was still around absolutely nothing bothered me. It all rolled off my back. I saw her complaints as her being dramatic (she was actually a drama queen). Well when she left and I went to school I became less tolerant for his * * * * . Just so happens a coworker was looking for a roomate at the time.


Some kickers. I told him many times to cut the attitude and control himself over the 3 years I lievd there. When I told him I was moving he said why didn't I tell him it bothered me so much. I told him we have had this conversation many times about his attitude. He is the type that unless consequences hit him, he ignores them. He drinks and drives. He makes $70K+ a year as an engineer and lives paycheck to paycheck. I doubt threatening him with consequences would help. I have another roomate who I asked to move in with us. The crazy roomate used to joke around with me about how he wished the other roomate was dead, now he is being crazy nice to him trying to butter him up to stay. Who even joked about wishing someone was dead. He met a girl when he went to Vietnam that he plans on bringing over to marry. I think she is very unsuspecting of what she is getting into.


He is the reason why I never trust anybody who is too nice. When he is nice, he is extremely nice and polite. I find that people who are overly nice tend to swing the other way in the extreme also.


For the most part we were pretty cool friends. I just wish I wasn't so easygoing and saw all these issues for what they really were. Now I am a wreck because of all the damage I let it do to my life. This whole ordeal with him and my ex has pushed me into a state of massive anxiety. I basically lost the two only close people to me here. I am actually going to therapy because of all this * * * * that has happened in the last year. I think I may suggest it to him. Although it will probably just make him mad. If it is any consolation the guy I am moving in with has one of the most positive attitudes of anyone I have ever met. Not in the nice sense, but he just has a very positive outlook on life.

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I think someone with a good energy and positive outlook on life is what you need the most right now. I know what it's like to feel as if someone is dragging you down and it's really unfortunate that his negativity and unthoughtful actions are at least in someway causing many inconveniences within your own life.

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Losing the ex was the worst. As I said there were other things going on, but to let go of a gf of 5.5 years because I did not see the trauma being caused was real messed up. Although I should be moving in with some cool people, I just feel extremely lonely because of this.

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