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I feel like I am being a bad friend/acquaintence

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I dont know if its just a stage I am going through, but lately I have not felt the need to hang out with people. Even taking into consideration this summer has been really hectic for me and I have been down major sick twice (which is highly unusual), I have not felt like spending time with friends.


I feel like I am making excuses for not wanting to hang out with people. I guess if I really wanted to I could, but I dont. Is that a terrible thing? I have two "friends" that I am not so concered about not seeing as I did not appreciate their ways toward me, but the other folks, I do feel genuinely guilty.


Its not them, I just dont want to hang out. I would rather be at home watching a movie or just relaxing. I have 2 days a week off, and one of them I like to spend with my mom because I dont really see her during the week and not at all during the semester. That leaves one day. One day to get done all that I need to get done and there just arent enough hours.


I do feel bad and guilty, but then there is another part of me that just kind of doesnt care. How bad is that, and have you ever gone through it?




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Well one day isn't much free time. You're probably on your way or you are already burnt out with being so busy. I'm kind of in the same boat as you and just got sick. The stress sure catches up with you! Alone time is just as important. There are days when I don't feel like hanging out with people. Sometimes I feel bad, sometimes I don't. I know I NEED alone time. You may not want to hang out, but since you are starting to feel bad, maybe just call some friends, say hi, chat for a few minutes to show that you're still around, that you're still friends. Or if you're a big texter, myspacer, facebooker...just shoot a text here and there. I tend to do that.

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hey its quite normal to just want to be alone.. and moreover you say that you need that time to get things done.. what's there to feel guilty about.. you are just busy that's all.. and do get in touch with your friends at least on phone.. you don't want to lose them just because you want to be alone

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