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No intimacy at all! Kinda long...


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hello, this is my first post so hang in there with me. Background info:


Im in my late teens, graduated and have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years. The start of our relationship was GREAT, everything was awesome. Towards the end of year 1 into early year 2, thigns got VERY rocky and though he did not technically cheat, he might as well have. The pain ive felt is so unfair and ever since then, weve been re-building out relationship. Couple of bumps since then, but nothing major.


Anywho, in the past 6 months or so...things have gotten kinda rough with me mentally. I guess everything he's done has finally really caught up, and i havent felt the need or the want to have sex anymore. We were each others firsts, still are. On the off chance i actually want to TRY to do stuff, or when he initiates...i end up feeling really annoyed after we start to get into stuff...and we never even make it to intercourse. I guess this is because, Its kinda just, sex. Thats all...i dont feel any love from him or intimacy or romance. Somehow i think to ease me back into feeling like i want to be intimate again...i need to feel a deeper connection.


SO my question is..how do i tell him? How do i bring it up? And how do i get myself back into it, cause i feel sexual. Just not when we start to do anything. TIA!

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yes i know were young...but i love him to death. We've come so far so it seems to be such a shame that our relationship is faltering because of sex. He's so understanding...so far. But i can tell he's getting irritated. I just want to know it maybe some romance and not just a 'screw' could help. if so, i just dont know how to tell him

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You can be young and know what love is, and you can fall in love and stay in love with only one person. When you say he "might as well have" cheated, that sounds like you have some issues with that, and mix that with how you say you feel no love from him, then leaving him wouldn't be the wrong thing to do.

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