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Leaving a Message, Or try again..? help!


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OK calling a girl first time, a cell phone.... you get no answer, ONLY a voicemail...does the guy leave a message>? if so what do you say>?



need details here



i just called, No answer...got voicemail, I hung up. (call me Chicken) and.....i was nervous..So what should i do now, call back in a day, in a few hours leave a message, don't leave a message, keep calling until she picks up her phone>>> HELP I'M Not sure if i did that right thing?

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Well I'm hoping i see her at the club tonight, but that is unlikely, she isn't an original like myself.


When i call back which will probably be tomorrow night. around 6:30-7:00


i'll say something like:


"hey this is Sail, I meet you at the club 2 weeks ago, just calling to see whats up, and to know how your Christmas, and New years went, Call me back at this number ******* Lets get to know each other" bye...


sounds good?....or how about this one.


"hello (her name) This is Sail from the Club, We meet 2 weeks ago, I'm first Calling you to let you know i didn't loose your number, and 2nd to wish you a happy new years, I realize I'm a bit late for that, and last to call me back at this Number, so we can get to know each other" Bye...


i think the 2nd one shows my personality more, Joking, having a sense of humor, what do you think...Oh forgot to say feel free to add in what you think is good.

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I personally like the first one the best. But if u like the second oen then go with what u feel. I guess I probably would appreciate the second one more if i heard your tone of voice. But honestly go with what YOU feel is best. Dont be afraid or nervous theres nothing to loose. Have fun be urself.

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i liked the first, but if the seconds you then fair play go with that, i guess when reading it i cant get the way you'd say it but still if thats you go for it.


and as for the first question before all of that, pick a time or whatever and then leave a message, just dont become a persistent caller if she doesnt answer for a while. she wont want to get to know you if you cling from the very start. get me?


and if you thought about the message if she doesnt pick up, youve deffinitley thought if she has, havent you?



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