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Severe pain after sex.


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I had sex on Sunday night. During sex when he would thrust into me in certain positions it would hurt. But after we were done about 5 mins after I got this serve sharp tight feeling pain in my lower abdomen. I took two motrins and it still took a good 30 mins to subside. It was unbearable the pain, I almost made my "sex partner" take me to the ER room.


What could this of been? Anyone have similar experiences? Hes not huge and I've had sex with him many times before and this never happened.

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i've had bad cramps and/or sharp pains in my lower abdomen after really rough and or deep sex before.

kinda feels like a side 'stitch' when running, really sharp and painful.

you should probably tell him to stop 'thrusting' you into positions and to cool it a bit.

Sex shouldnt be painful.

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You may have ovarian cysts that rupture during intercourse. They hurt so bad...I know, I have them. I suggest seeing a gyno, they'll run some tests probably do an ultra-sound to see if cysts are the culprit to the pain. Being on the pill helps, I was on femcon and it made my cyst disappear.


Best of luck!

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I agree with sushi, it sounds like an ovarian cyst. I had one and went to the ER and they confirmed it with an ultrasound. 3.5 years of birth control later I have not had another one.


Of course we can't tell you what it is though. If you're concerned you might have a problem I would talk to a doc!

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