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make-up & boyfriend

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Me & my friends were all having a little argument over this... so I was wondering if you all could help. I decided to start wearing make up, just because I want to. One of my friends got all upset about it because she thinks that when girls wear make up, it means that they are fake & are just trying to like wear a mask so that no one will know who they really are. Its not like I wear lots of make up, just like mascara & sometimes lipstick. I was just wondering what you all think about that.

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about the make-up.. to be honest, i think it's perfectly normal for 16 year olds to wear make-up... next time your friend says it makes you seem fake and stuff, tell her that you don't do it to change your looks or something, tell her that you're trying to enhance your looks and that you look prettier with make-up, and stuff like that - i'm no pro with make-up.. i'm a guy, don't tend to use it. So i've never been in that situation. lol


with your boyfriend, for one, you shouldn't care about what other people think, or say... neither should your boyfriend.. next time the popular ones make a stupid comment, tell them to either shut up, or worry about their own stuff, that will really shock them,other than that, i don't have any advice, since i'm more like the people who make the comments... which is not good of me, i know.. but i do...


as i said, develope an attitude, that if someone makes a comment, have it be as if they say something really stupid, and you just look at them thinking/saying "what the ...." lol


hope i helped a bit.


good luck


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for the makeup thing don't worry about it there is nothing wrong with it. i mean your not needing it like some girls think they do. just tell your friend that you like it and you think there is nothing wrong with it it is just like putting clothes on in the morning.

for the boyfriend thing that is way cool that you don't care what other people think and just ignoring them is prolly the best. if you really need to say something just be nonchalant and just say he is a nice person i don't look at what he is to you. or something of the sort. well hope this helps

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Concerning the make-up stuff..

I think it looks good on some people and bad at others. Some try to conceal their true self by using it but that is noticeable when they look like a Geisha or a streetworker. I'm a male and I really think kajal looks good on men for one thing. So do what you want to do and ignore others people comments - just like you do when passing those morons at school with your boyfriend.


Concerning the comments about your boyfriend..

I really like how you ignore them. But I would make doubly sure to my gf, in your case bf, that you do love him and assure him that you do not listen to the discharge they're vomiting. If someone said something like that while I was walking with my gf, I would just go wild - not that it is a very smart, mature or effective method. But perhaps you could say something along the lines of, (SORRY MODERATORS, just trying to help here so please be lenient)

"Your value doesn't even amount to a shovel full of horse sh!t. Do everyone misfortunate enough to know you a favor: give yourself a lobotomy with a hammer and chisel. You're the saddest, piss-poor excuse for a man I've ever seen so shut the F*ck up you inbread swamp-spawn!". I think it's kinda nice..


Good luck!

Ja ne.

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About the makeup: it's your face, you can do what you want with it. If you feel more confident wearing makeup then that's fine and it doesn't make you fake, your friend should learn to lighten up. Why don't you ask if you can give her a make over sometime? hehe...............................anyway, about your bf. You know what , the next time they say those comments if you really want to say something back to them, just say something like: "shows how much you know" or just brush it off like you've been doing. Don't let it bother you.

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Thank you all so much for the replies. They have helped me a whole lot. Its not that I care what others think of my boyfriend, because really I don't. I still love my bf even though lots of people think hes a dork or whatever. It just bothers me though, you know?? Like I feel bad for my bf because I don't know what to say back to those people. I do let my bf know how much I care about him though, nothing can change that, but it hurts me to see this happen to him, so I want to let others know that they dont even know him like I do. Those replies helped me a lot. Thanks!

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