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reall, really,really long post but i NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i put a rather large post on here last night and this one is going to be long too so please read the whole thing and help me out a bit.

well my ex wont give me another chance even though we had a really good thing going for the two of us, and it was both our faults we are broken up, but i started it. i never really knew what happened until now.

i just called my diabetic Dr. in salt lake (Dr lindsey) and told him how i felt and he asked me what meds i was on and he flipped out. i am on birth controle for my periods. i stopped taking it about 3 weeks ago when i thought i was pregnant well i wasn't so i started it agian well my Dr. said to get completely off of it because for some girls it will make them just go crazy and not be able to controle their moods or anything. well he said it really has messed me up a bit and i told him about some other things that have been going on right now and he said that with my depression, my step dad, my dad, my ex's best friend dieing and my diabetes that i have to stop taking it or i will get overly suicidal, which i have, and not be myself, which i haven't been. he said that i should have never started taking it with my personality and my insulin.he said i wont be normal for a few months, but it will be okay and back to normal in a little while. well 6 months of us dating is when i was taking it and that is when it all started. i would cry for no reason and buy a ticket for the pitty party express. well on top of that dumb pill i am afraid of my step dad, he almost beat me the other day until my mom stopped it and he has hurt me really bad before whem my ex was in mexico. well now that he isn't dating me anymore and he doesn't know about what is going on at home he can't protect me from him anymore. and my step dad knows that. MY s-dad took me the other day and said he wanted to be friends and that he was sorry, but then he was going to beat me with his belt 5 days later. DUMB! well then my dad is crazy, i can't hold a convo. with him for more then 10 or 15 min. and he has taken so many drugs that he cant even remember his name half the time. he doesn't remember my birth day or any other holiday. he came down with my grandma for christmas to stay for 6 days and left in 3 days because there wasn't anything for him to do. A#$ wipe!

well then im not good enough for my mom no matter what i do. my great granddad is still dieing ( slowly) and AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

i am going to be back to myself soon and my Bf prob wont believe me. i love him and don't you think if he ever loved me that he will see me as i am getting better and notice. because im already starting to be able to controle myself more. i feel horrible. if it weren't for that pill we would still be together. i talked to my big sister today and she was on the same birth controle and says it did the same thing to her and she didn't stop taking it for almost a year, but when she stopped she got better. well how can i show him i am going to be me again and do you think if i was me again that he would want me back. before i started this pill everything was perfect. i hurt so bad, i feel like i have lost the most important part of me ever and it wont come back with out him, and im right. i also feel like im dieing and i have no soul. please help me.

love Qtpie87

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well first... about your step dad - go talk to someone immediately, he has no right to hit you, or hurt you in any way.


now, about your boyfriend - we can't tell you whether he'll want you back, we can only suggest, you also didn't state anything about the break-up which would help.


well i would suggest you telling him what you told us, whith the pill and everything, and ask him if he wants to give it another try...


if that doesn't work, maybe give it a bit of time..


good luck

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well, the reason we broke up is because when i started to take the pill i became very clingy, and i already was, but i got worse. i never wanted to be away from him because i didn't feel safe at home with my step dad. i also began to get a very low self-esteem and i started worring about other girls and my ex. well i would freak out at the littlest thing and i would cry and cry and he would be good to me and hold me and ask me what was going on and i would tell him its my mom, or me s-dad, or something like that. well i that def. wasn't a good enough reason to be acting like that, but know i know what happened. like my Dr. said i wouldn't be able to controle my mood or emotions. so i didn't really know what was wrong and that just happened more and more until i pushed him away.

i just hope that he will understand that i couldn't do as much as we thought i could about it and , i hope that he forgives me and will just give me another shot. we were like the perfect pair. i love him so much.

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so basically it was that pill which got you two to break up?


from what you said, he seemed like he really loved you...


and if he feels the same, thinking you are, or were the perfect pair, then that's gonna help a lot.


to be completely honest, if he really loved you, but couldn't handle the way you acted anymore, thereforeeee he broke up, then i think he will give you another shot if you explain to him why you acted like that.


and don't forget to mention that you had no idea abotu that, until your doctor told you so.


and as i said, do something about your step dad.


good luck, if you have any more questions, ask, and someone, or myself will answer, or PM me..



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Yes you should tell someone about your step dad. And you need to tell your ex why your acting like that when you where with him. He should under stand. I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you feel better quickly.

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