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I think my grandpa is only being nice to me for my enheritance.

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When my dad died, he left me and my sister a big sum of money to get when we were 25. Well, ever since my dad passed, my grandpa has been SUPER nice to me. Like, before then, he never even gave us a second thought, he treated the neighbor kids better than he treated us. That really hurt. Now, with me, he NEVER gets mad at me, never even gives me an attitude, which even if I did something, it would SO irritate him before. He even sucks up to me. Now i'm his "baby" and he wants me to live with them. I mean, I always kinda wondered, but now I really feel like he is just being nice for me to get him stuff next year (when I turn 25). He asked me this weekend when I turn 25. Could he BE more obvious? I mean, he's my grandpa, he should be nice to me because he loves me, not so i'll buy him stuff. He even tried to deny how he was when we were younger. I am not shocked, just, more hurt. Oh well, it's his loss if in a year when I don't buy him stuff and he turns his back on me.

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Probably best not to move in with him, then you won't feel obligated in any way. If he wants money after that, tell him you'd love to...but you're buying a house and going on the trip of a life time!


My mum hates to be called mother, she says anyone can be a mother but not everyone can be a mum, I think granddad's way past qualifying time for this one.

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Or perhaps hes just trying to be a decent person to you because your dad died? Sometimes it takes a death to realize how poorly you treat someone.


So anyways don't focus on your granddad in a cynical way. You should really be off enjoying life, looking for someone special to fill that void, you know anyone, just go crazy, you could be meeting this person today. Heck *holds up empty ring finger* that someone could even be me...*twinkles eyelashes* Hahahaha... Sorry to try and add humor to your situation. I just had to.


Like i said before i got side-tracked...Dont think so cynical...When you turn 25 you'll know when hes asking for stuff and your smart enough to know not to

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