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i think its love and i amnot able to get over it

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i met this guy online...he is the son of a family friend...and our parents us told to contact each other.they wanted us to like each other sort of a thing.well anyways we chatted a few times ...and i fell head over heels in love with him. but looks like he didnt feel anything that way. one day in a stupid spur of the moment , i asked him that i got a feeling he doesnt like. it was in the middle of a wonderful conversation and suddenly he go put of. and next day he mailed and told me things between us are not working out .. i was really sad for an entire week , after which i decided to give him a call. i called him up and asked him , what happened suddenly , i thought we were clicking . he told he was thinking i was brushing him off. then i told him what i feel for him. he was ok with that, then i want to give him some time to think over things as it was a sudden phone call and told him to gimme a call the next day , with watever his answer is. and told yes. But then he never calledd back . i so totally love him and i sort of get a feeling he doesnt want to be in touch with me anymore , but i am not able to accept and get over him.

He was such a nice and wonderful person and a perfect gentleman.


I really dont know how to get over him, i havent slept or eaten in 3 days. everything looks absurd right now. I donno what to do. Plz help .

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hang in there, ok? i'm sorry things didn't work out. it's important not to fall head over heels too early. and definitely not before you figure out that he feels the same way about you. i don't think that he is the perfect man, because if he were, he'd feel the same for you.


in the future, i'd back off a little and let him chase you and call you and be the one to bring up relationship talk.

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