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What are some of the most commonly used


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Btw don't just look up lines on the Internet and start using them. The reason David DeAngelo's or Pick up material works is because they give guys beliefs and mindsets to suceed. 80 percent of what they teach is inner stuff to help you be congruent with whatever you say.


Started here. And no I never used them because I am doing fine with just approaching women and talking to them.

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Out of context... Every girl on this forum will say... Omg these are terrible, they would never work...etc. But in the real world they love them.


I wouldn't love them. I think they would only work if the guy is very attractive anyway. And then I'd be more leniant to his bad jabs just because he looks good than the actual jabs themselves. Jabs only really work with me if I know the guy anyway. If it's some random stranger that I've never met I would not know how to take his jab - whether he was just trying to be funny (and failing dismally) or if he was being mean (but maybe that's because I am a little insecure). It is better in my opinion to just say something nice than teasing. Only tease if you know the girl likes to be teased. If some random guy tries teasing me I may smile politely but under my breathe I am saying/thinking to myself 'Loser - FOAD!'. Even if it was a 'nice' tease I would still think he was weird and wonder why he felt the need to tease. I am more open to teasing/jabs when I know a guy and we both sense there is an atraction between us. That's when jabs can work.


But if it's a random person you've never met, just be yourself, be nice, smile, friendly, polite - and there's more chance of us actually liking you.

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