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Ex-Fiance, broke my heart and still is.

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My Fiance of a year, broke up with me a week before our wedding day. Our relationship was long distance most of the time since he was in a military branch. He was posted in a different state. I had never realized how he had hurt me a long our relationship and was upset when my friends around me kept saying that I was un happy. I was to inlove with him, so when I didn't get calls or long conversations I just push aside. Well a month before the wedding stress started to get to me and I couldn't take doing it all alone, and being chosen second. I was tired of crying all the time. So I started to get irritated with him, Until finally I was trying to work out a way were we could work through our problems. But he just got so upset when I said he could call me more and that would make me happy. So he said he couldn't marry me..


After a days of crying and confusion of not knowing where I stood. He told me that he didn't love me anymore and had been like this for months. He found himself interested in different girls. He said he didn't want to see me after I begged him to not end it.


So I moved on. I was hanging out with my best friend who is a guy, we met through my fiance and had always been friends after that. Well one night we ended up kissing, but that was it. Then suddenly we realized that we had some feelings more than friends. I was still a little weary about it all cause I had just had my heart crushed and I didn't want to hurt my friend and use him as rebound. Though we still hung out and was seeing where it took us. Thats when my Ex told me that I was the worst thing that every happened to him and that i wasn't worth it. Plus lots of other horrible horrible things..that i will not put on here.


Well My friend is now my boyfriend and I didn't know that love could be this good. Though My ex still keeps trying to message me. He asked the other day for the rings back after he gave them to me, when he saw i was selling them. He thought I would keep him to remember the good days but all the bring is pain. I just couldn't stand to look at them. Besides I need the money because of him I didn't go to school have a job or a car. I justam so upset with it all. I want to be happy and for him to leave me a lone

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I lost two grand on our wedding those rings if bought for the same price which wont happen only cost seven hundred. I need the money. I am carless and would be homeless (my parents let me stay) because of him. I need those rings to pay off the loss of everything. I work at a warehouse now with no insurance cause I took off everything to be with him. He doesn't get them back cause he just wants the money anyways but I need it.

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