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The best way I can think of is showering or bathing and being sure to wash down there with soap like you would the rest of your body. Be sure to rinse well because soap can leave you irritated if not rinsed off. Some people like to douche, I however do not because it strips you of the necessary things that are needed to maintain proper balance, leaving you more prone to infections and such. If you have any other questions feel free to PM me.

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It's definitely hygienic and advisable to wash down there once everyday and when you have a bath or shower. But I wouldn't overdo it! If you're worried about regular washes stinging, you can get mild feminine washes to use which are different from your average shower gel/soap and these don't contain soap or irritating ingredients - I know there's one called Femfresh. you should be able to get these at the chemists or supermarket. Some of these are soap free so you can get clean without the ouch! I don't think douching is good either - i heard you could get infections from washing too vigorously as ameliamolly says you need your natural secretions down there!

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Actually, douching is alright if not done too regularly....once a month is reasonable, and actually very healthy for you. There are douches with natural ingredients that don't have the vinegar base that won't irritate you...just my two cents!

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Wash down there thoroughly when bathing - if you have a problem using perfumed/deoderant soap on sensitive skin, get something designed either as a feminine wash, or an unscented sensitive skin body wash to use all over - there are a ton of good ones now designed for people who are sensitive to dyes and scents. Douching one a month is nice - ESPECIALLY right at the tail end of your cycle, just to get that "completely clean feeling," and as Mar says, there are several natural products and herbal ones out there that won't cause the irritation some of the stronger ones do. During "that time of the month," I keep some of those wipes in the bathroom - even the unscented baby wipes will do! It's nice to feel completely "clean" instead of eeughh! And - silky underwear is sexy yes - but save it for when you know you're going on a hot date and stick to cotton whenever possible, or wear a pantyliner during the day - nylon based material traps sweat and doesn't let the skin down there "breathe" so well, and can leave you feeling less "clean" a lot quicker!


If you're really experiencing a problem with odor - make a doc's appt, since yeast infections and some other bacterial infections can really intensify odor, or change it to something icky - and sometimes the odor can be the only symptom you experience. Except on your cycle - you shouldn't experience much if any odor at all that's noticeable say, when you go to the bathroom. If you do - don't assume just because you've heard the jokes about fishy smells that it's something you have to deal with - check it out!

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