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if it is meant to be, it will be...girls thoughts please

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although i find it hard accept, i am not going to be getting back together with the ex anytime soon. i guess this is still the early stage of a break up. no contact for 2-3 weeks. what i'm wondering, if somebody really loves you, will the fact that you put alot more out there of yourself, made yourself alittle more vulnerable and ultimately did get burned, will these factors ultimately hurt or help your cause. if the person really loves you and needs some other experiences to come to the conclusion, if she does come to the realization she loves you, will she have memories of "gosh he was so sweet, did anything for me" or "gosh, he was a doormat". If this girl comes around, i really have to be over her in order for there to be any chance anyway, i am realizing this. so by moving on and forgetting her, it may have the reverse effect (by that time i might now want it anyway). i dont worry about this as much as i used to, but one thing i also have a problem with is the can of worms a break up opens up for future revisits of the rship. i dont know if i will ever be able to trust her again even if she does come around. i will be afraid to give myself/devote myself to her after what she put me through this time. its almost like the rship is permanently debilitiated. i dont know. i would love to get in her little head and know exactly what she's feeling, if i knew there was no feeling for me whatsoever and no way she'd ever get back together with me, i'd be moving along so much easier. i have always been good with girls, never had a problem hooking up, never been a jealous person, always dated attractive women and usually been the one dumping them. this one was out of nowhere, i fell for the first time really in my life, to the point i wasnt even looking at other women! and then "smack", she dropped the bomb. life is like a box of chocolates after all. hopefully, if at the very least for my pride's sake, in the end the ball will be back in my court, whether it means me choosing her or not... thoughts? do you think after a blissful 7 months (long distance) she is thinking about me? do u think she will call? i dont think if she did i am ready to talk to her b/c i dont want her to sense the pain i am feeling. i will talk to her when i'm ready, if she does in fact call. i'd like her to kind of wonder what i'm doing too. still in disbelief.... still in love, unfortunately. wish i could shake it, tired of thinking about her and how she hurt me

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If this girl is anything like me yes she will remember you, and think of you in the future. If a guy treats a girl good she'll remember, but it doesn't mean she'll come back. She will probably think of you from time to time and wonder why she did what she did (if she hurt you), but (not to upset you) I wouldn't count on her calling or coming back. If it isn't there now it probably won't be there if she did come back, but she will still think of you once in a while.


That's just my opinion from personal experiance, everyone is different. I wish you the best of luck!

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