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6 weeks of NC - saw a pic of him today with another girl

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I know.


When we were talking he did say to me he would tell me if he was dating but I guess like you said its none of my business.


Funny relationships aren;t they - u are so close and intimate with someone and then suddenly nothing of theirs is any more of your business

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totally me too

but i know it really is not


its like a routine now - that i check his and her profile


to be honest i was upset for a while but ok now - its inevitable its going to happen an djust goes to show he is over me and i never meant that much to him

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Hi HoTung,


dont feel bad for obsessing over him, but yes, it would be good for your mentality to remove him from your friends. Its so hard to do, I know. Why dont you get really angry at him and do it! He will wonder where you've gone, that's enough to make you feel good isnt it.


I bet he is thinking "aww, I bet she's checking my page all the time..." and if he is with that girl, they've probably had discussions about you and whether they should put the picture on or not, and little chats about the relationship status?! Get angry and delete em both, I would, you dont want any part in this silly nonsense and more to the point, you dont want to be the one people are talking about so REMOVE yourself! Make them think you dont give a ***k and dont want to know!

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at the end of the day he wanted out of the relationship - as much as i would like to blame him its takes two poeple for the relationship to work or not work


so i do take part blame for the downfall but i wanted to work at it. I guess thats why i am unable to hate him


i know if he slept with another girl after me - even if we got back together i could never trust him again. I know we have broken up but someone else touching my ex makes me feel sick

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