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I have been single for almost a year. My relationship ended August of 2007. since then, my ex and I haven’t seen each other but we still communicate. Keeping in touch is inevitable for us since we both belong in an exclusive society way back college, so he is not just my ex and my friend, but also my ‘brod’ (short for brother, that’s how we call it in our organization).


I already got used to living my life without him; my career is in focus and im completely happy and content with the way things are going for me. But I must admit im still in love with him.


Yesterday, I got a text message from him regarding the death of another member of our society. I know that it had nothing to do about us but I felt really happy upon seeing his name in my cellphone inbox. I also wonder why, of all people he could possibly contact for confirmation regarding the death, he chose to text me. I can’t help but think that it’s another of his discreet and subtle ways of letting me know that he remembers me because this has happened a couple of times. I respond to his texts and I usually catch him off guard and my intuitions seem correct.


I may seem a little too pathetic, but when we got separated, he told me that we’ll get back together after a year. He really gave me something to hold on to. My feelings for him haven’t changed one bit. Im thinking that maybe this time around, we can start anew. Im willing to initiate but I don’t know how. Any thoughts out there? suggestions?


By the way, he remained single the whole time that we were separated. In fact, he would actually tell me if he’s seeing someone new. Since we broke up, he’s been with only one girl; it lasted for only a few weeks; it was nothing serious, and he already ended whatever it is they had (I should know that he's telling the truth because we have the same circle of friends, that’s why I have the means to verify). When I said he texted me yesterday, that’s exactly only 16 days since the last time we’ve talked, so it’s safe to say we’re really still attached to each other.

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So... start talking to him. Surprise him and call him up. Say you want to catch up and meet somewhere. Play it safe... don't throw yourself at him. But you can always feel him out and see where his heart is. You're a woman you're good at that sort of thing.


Good luck. I hope it all works out for you.

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