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Can a girl and a guy stay friends?

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Well, I just wanted to know how to stay friends with a guy without having that kind of relationship? Just being friends or best friends? No further than that.


And how to strengthen our relationship on the hand without him losing interest? Can a guy and a girl actually stay friends at all?


Give me your views, some advise and example too please.

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I think it really depends on the friendship between the guy and the girl. What they agree on is the boundaries. For me personally it hasn't worked out that way in the past. Any guy friend i had we'd end up wanting more than a friendship, except for one. The feelings were there, but we had a silent understanding that friendship was as far as it was going to go. But don't get mixed up between intimate love feelings and just love for a friend. I still care about all my male friends even if things didn't work out. Maybe the best thing for you to do would be to explain the situation to your guy friend and if he's not down for just being friends then maybe he wasn't friend material in the first place?

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Well, of course guys and girls can be friends . But if you mean you just want to avoid "more than friends" in a guy/girl friendship, then just dont "flirt" with him, and not saying to treat him like a gay, but treat him like you would treat your girlfriends.


I agree with thatguy here. You must not do any "pseudo-dating" either and never allow him to pay for anything, never go out on date like activities. If you find yourself fixing yourself up a bit when u see him that is also bad.

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As much as I'd like to believe guys and girls can be friends I always find that one person has more feelings than just being friends. I am a female and have many male "aquaintances". I always seem to find out later that they liked me more than just friends. I do have a few male friends that have crossed the line and now understand that the only way we will be friends is if it is just that-friends. A couple of them are very good friends now, and I am very happy with that.


It's not easy having male friends, but the boundries have to be set from the start. No game playing, no alterior motives...good luck!

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