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cold feet or gut feeling?

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How do you tell the different between cold feet or a gut feeling??


I have this great opportunity for work.. I have to move to Florida.. away from everything and everyone i love.


when I was first offered I was ectastic and now that it is time to buy a plane ticket I realize that this may not be my dream.

I feel like it is someone else's dream.. not mine. But am I only thinking that b/c I know if I leave I will be leaving and possibly changing my future that I know I want here in my home town.. a family a life, all of that.


everyone will think I'm crazy to change my mind.. I'm scared to tell people that I no longer wish to go, and I know people will try to talk me into going.. which is exactly why I chose this internship in the first place: everyone wants me to do this, and now I'm honing in on my feelings and realizing that this may not be the right thing, at least not right now.


Does anyone have any advice or past experiences?

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Yes, I love my home town and never wanted to leave, but knew that to get the right preparation for a solid career, I would need to move around. I hate moving away from friends and family, also. Just think of it this way -- you aren't bound to live in Florida for the rest of eternity. Think of it as a temporary situation, and all you're there for is the experience and to further your career. Once everything is kosher, then you can always just move back to your home town.


I moved away from my home town for school in 2004, and on July 31st I'll be moving another 10 hours away to texas to go to another school. I hate it, but I know that it's only temporary and that when I get my career settled, I'll just move back to my home town. That's actually what I have planned, is to move back.


What you have is cold feed, if you had a gut feeling then you would have known from the start that something isn't right about moving. You'll know after a few months in Florida whether or not it was cold feet or gut feeling, and like I said, you aren't bound to one location for ever..

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I guess thats the thing.. even though it will be a great experience it honestly will barely help me with the career i'm going for, only slightly, it's at Disney World.. I'll be a performer (which is not my career choice). It's more of something fun to do while I'm in college, and my best friend is doing the same program right now (another reason why I decided to audition).


When I think about it it seems silly b/c my best friend LOVES disney and I always just wanted to go so she and I could do something fun together.. i feel like i've decided to do this for all the wrong reasons. ugh, but if I don't go I will let her down (even tho she is already there).

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