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Hi folks. I just thought I'd say that I broke about 2 months NC tonight to call my ex. I was a little bit nervous and so was she, but we got along fine, had a laugh and a giggle about various things, talked about our recent relationships and our professional developments. In all, the conversation lasted about 1hr 15mins and we got along fine. Why? Because we've both moved on!


I feel so much better now that we've spoken and that there are no more bad feelings, as we left on such evil terms. We've both made it clear that we may not get back together again and that we can talk about seeing others confidently without getting upset. Generally, we had a good laugh, and that felt important, like I'd contacted an old friend.


I feel a little bit let down that I've broken NC after being so good for a couple of months, but I feel better that she's doing ok and that I'm back in control of my feelings and my life. I didn't beg for her to come back and I didn't get upset, which is something I thought I'd do, so I'm proud of myself for being a man and taking responsibility.


I wouldn't urge anyone to break NC so soon. I only did it to prove to myself that I'm man enough to move on now and not feel so bad that we're apart. I've achieved that now and I know she's happy to hear from me.


I think I'm done with ENA for now. I said goodbye before and no doubt I may be back in some months/years time for some advice, but I'm content with the direction my life is heading and I have new beginnings to explore. I'm encouraged, refreshed, lifted and not at all jealous or bitter like I was before.


First of all, thanks to ENA members for your advice, as always. It isn't a cure for the ailment you offer, but the direction in which you point me to heal.


Thank you.

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