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Hey Peeps..


My ex (of 4 and a half months) and i broke up about a month and a half ago and like what my previous posts says i went through all the grieving, feeling numb, deniel, crying and pleading and all that. i believed that period was the darkest hour of my life i couldn't have felt worst. I think most of you would think that since it was only a couple of months it doesn't really matter but love cann't be measure by time and hell do i love him even up to now. It wasn't easy but thanks to the advices and encouragedment from my close buds and the nice people here, i mangaged to pull myself together and try to let go of my hurts and to let go of him as well. I delete him from everything my phone, email and msn and followed the 'no contact' rule.


Everything was going pretty okie, i stopped crying and feeling bad for myself and busied myself with my friends going out, clubbing and all. I even got a date with an old friend but i turned him down cause i wasn't ready for it. Then the term starts and i saw HIM in school. Not only are we in the same college but in the same form class with three other classes together talked about sucky. If it was up to me i wouldn't have want to see him for at lest 3 to 4 months but of cause i wasn't given the luxury. When i saw him i didn't say hi or anything and neither did he (he was the one who say lets still be friends but ended up as the one who ignored me) i didn't even look at him in the face. The worst part is all those feelings and emotions just come rushing back again. It seems as if my weeks of hardwork had just gone down the drain. When i got home i just started crying and feeling the hurt all over again.


Well i would really like some advice. What should i do? How can i keep up the no contact when i have to face him everyday knowing what we've lost?

Thanks guys...

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I'm so sorry to hear that. But some of these things are unavoidable.


All that you can do now is relax. I think you do have some friends in your class, so sit with them. Try not to look at him so that those feelings won't come back.


However, you're gonna have to have to try to face him. Push all your fears away. Find someone new. Because you'll have to meet him for quite a long time, so you'll have to handle this situation ASAP.


Everytime you see him, try to relax. Count from1 to 20 or something till you're relax. Don't let emotion overcome you. I that you hurt a lot but you need to study there. So, you're gonna have to try your best to face him.


I wish you strength and good luck.

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Hey tough girl,


Thanks for your advice. The thing is how can i maintain 'no contact' with him when i keep bumping into him in school? It's hard as it is having to gace him and all but 'no contact ' seems to be the only way to helped me to heal at the beginning. Is there any other way?


I've been really down this couple of days all over again just because i have to see him in school. Another thing is that apparently quite a number of people in school already know that we have broken up but it have onlt been 2 days!! I know i said nothing so that leaves it only yo him. why is he in such a hurry to spread the news that we've broken up? Does doing that achieves anything? Does it makes him feel good? i meant when we first got together he wanted to keep a low profile why the publicity now?


I hope you guys can give me some advice i'm really confuse. Well i've been avoiding him i( i dunno about him) i just can look him in the face. it seems as if he is not affected at all, that really upset me. doesn't our relationship means anything at all?


Hope you can helped me with my many questions. thanks...

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Well, I'm sorry I can't give you much advise about this topic as I'm quite inexperienced. But I could tell that this guy seems to be happy that everybody knows. He probably wants to get you hurt, so don't let him have the victory. I hope you'll be strong.


Since this advise request hasn't got much replies, you could get some help from other people. You could get more attention to your post with some instruction on this page:


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