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If you had one wish!


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If you had one wish what you wish for??? Most people would probably wish for money... So they can live life in luxury have millions living in big house's have a fleet of sports cars and people to work for them.


For me my wish would be to find a girlfriend and fall in love.. I'm 26 and never had a girlfriend, I've never been in love and just forever seem to dream about falling in love and what it must feel like not to feel so alone all the time...

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Health, happiness and enough money to cover the cost of health and dental care as we inch closer and closer to a two-tiered health care system.


Eeks. Tell me about it.


Gonna need a lot of cash in that wish then. lol.


I'd wish for my heart to have super rebounding strength, and forgiveness, and my mind to have super stability and strength. Y'know, skip all the work of having to do it all the time.

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As a person with severe depression, I wish I could spend much more than just a week or two being happy and have no more total breakdowns...


seriously, I just had the thought that I'd better stop all this searching for a girlfriend, because I don't want somebody else to experience me in the mental state I'm in right now...

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