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Dating website help


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Ive started looking for love on a dating website, and i was just wondering if you all could give me some tips on messaging people. I.e. How to set out my message, and things i should say to keep it light.


Don't look for love. That's your first mistake, look for a date. Second I would probably start the email with something about her profile (She likes country music, so ask her what concerts she has been to). Then I would tell her something interesting about you not on your profile followed by an open question about her again. Then sign i'll talk to you soon and your name.

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Well don't make the mistake of just putting *hi* or *how r u* or *wot u up to*....yes, some guys actually send boring messages like that and spelled this way too! For me, it's so offputting, a sign of a person that isn't putting much effort into what they are saying, doesn't have a great lot to say for themselves, a boring person...and they are probably typing out their *hi's* and in the process, boring rigid another 100 or so women. I never reply to this kind of message and I put them on block...


Nothing too cheesy either as in *Your father must have been a thief, to steal the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes*....lol. Had loads of these too and again, it's offputting, well for me anyway...


Best messages are those, where you tell people a little about yourself and then follow it up with an open question about them, as someone else said. Shows an interest in who are you mailing and it gives them something to reply back too and keeps conversation flowing.


Good Luck anyway !!

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